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Working with Alacrity Nutrition was a pivotal moment for my physical and mental health. David was very informative, patient, understanding, and an enthusiastically active listener during my consultation. Since receiving my chart and following his recommendations (for nutrition, exercise, supplements, etc.) I’ve noticed a massive shift in my physicality and mood. I feel better at 30 years old than I ever did in my twenties. I cannot recommend his services enough!


TB, 30


I first contacted David about diet and health five months ago because I was struggling with have good continuous energy through the day. I play professional baseball so that is very important in my line of work. He came up with a plan for me that included what foods to eat, what foods to stay away from, and supplements to take that best fit me personally. I have been on this plan for months now and I have seen a great uptick in energy and overall well-being. The only thing I wish I could change is that I did this with him sooner.


Gabe Speier, Pitcher for the Seattle Mariners, 28


The nutritional , supplemental, and fitness advice David has provided me with has made a huge difference in my overall health and wellbeing. I can always count on David to ask the right questions and give me a thorough, research-based assessment of how I can improve with any physical concerns I’m dealing with.


LBW, 65

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